House Rules


House Rules


  • My goal is to have a weekly D&D game that is enjoyable for everyone.
  • Magic Items are rare and special.
  • Generating character ability scores can be done by choosing the matrix, using the point buy, or rolling the scores (4d6 best 3) on the first meeting of the campaign before the DM and peers (The dice will be played as rolled).
  • Any of the races, classes, backgrounds are acceptable. We will be playing with feats. Humans can use the variable build (two +1s to ability scores, a feat and an additional skill proficiency).
  • I would like to avoid evil characters in the group. The heroic or mercenary high fantasy campaign is what I would prefer to run. As a group you can decide.
  • Experience will be awarded on enemies overcome/thwarted, missions completed, situations handled, and how you play your traits, motivations, bonds and flaws.
  • The campaign will be based on player skill. The dice will fall where they may. Player death will not be avoided for plot.
  • When rolling a new character after a death, the new character will start at the level of the lowest level character in the party with 0 XP.
  • Multi-Class allowed. The only restriction are as follows:
    1. You have to put three levels into a class prior to multi-classing.
    2. When you multi-class, you have to put at least three levels into your new class prior to changing classes.

2. Identifying Items

To fully identify an item.

  • Identify Spell.
  • Lore Master in cities for coin or other tasks.

Identifying simple items or first tier abilities may come with owning and using the item for a few sessions or month of game time.

House Rules

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